Founder & chairperson - JBCN Education

Pinky Dalal JBCN Founder

JBCN International School is the realisation of a vision we have nurtured through 3 decades of educational endeavour – a vision to create a school community where every single individual, whether student or educator, is a lifelong learner. Learning experiences at JBCN International School will not be limited to schooling, but be an important stepping stone in a life long journey of growth and development. 

Our concept of EduCreative experiences takes shape through the Mind Body Soul programme which focuses on all-round development of our learners through academic excellence, dynamic and challenging physical activities, enriching creative experiences and value education. 

We particularly intend to nurture in all learners a strong value and belief system that inspires them to contribute to society. We believe that a strong moral and ethical foundation nurtures citizens who, albeit in a small way, make the world a better place by contributing to the community, country and the world. 

My team and I pledge our commitment to your child and you, and assure you that your association with JBCN International School will be a rewarding EduCreative experience… Welcome to JBCN International… a school with a difference.

Founder & Chairperson

Education goes beyond knowledge… …it is a journey of life